mary_website_bWelcome to the home of Australian Business Class. We are a specialist training and consulting organisation, established in Brisbane, QLD in 1995.  

Our core philosophy is centred on organisational transformation through improved individual and team performance. We achieve this by focussing on increased self-awareness, leadership excellence and improving the emotional, behavioural and physical well-being of our clients. 

Our organisation’s principals and training partners have gained a reputation for the delivery of services that are high-impact, outcome focused, informative and fun. We specialise in the delivery of corporate programmes for individuals and teams centred on Leadership, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and Communication.

Australian Business Class provides more than just training, with the ability to include a variety of added-value products and services to any workshop or facilitation assignment. 

We are the exclusive licensee for the ESSI Systems EQ Map®, Resiliency Map® and Stress Map® – three seminal workplace tools for enhancing business viability and staff well-being.  Our trainers are certified in the use of the HBDI© and use the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Practices Inventory 360-degree feedback tools. 

Australian Business Class is committed to providing service to clients utilising the most up to date methods and principles, while retaining proven, successful, action learning philosophies to ensure maximum retention from training.

newiconAustralian Business Class has developed a strategic relationship with The Top Office Group. Following the success of our first three programs, we are proud to present “Leading Conversations.”
This one day workshop develops knowledge and skills to improve productivity, enhance performance and manage conflict in the workplace. Ineffective leadership is a major impediment for organisations and individuals alike. Leadership skills can be learnt, and when these skills are embedded in any organisation they enhance productivity, profit, moral and culture.

If your business is to grow and increase profitability, it is your team that will make this happen through understanding how to lead others on the journey.   Join us for our next open workshop and inspire the leaders in your organisation.

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Leading with Influence and Creativity

Inspiring the Leader in You

Leading with Resilience